Protea 4x4 off-road safari tours

It’s hard to slow down and break away - be captivated by the majestic and contrasting beauty of the great African outdoors to which we will introduce you! Become an intrepid explorer with our safari tours (expeditions), we will take you to places where time stands still and your spirit is inspired to soar to greater heights.

There can be no better place to be with your 4x4, than to be on a safari tour with us ...

Southern Africa is home to some of the last true wilderness areas on the planet. This part of the continent offers some of the most spectacular destinations for our clients. Sundowners and safaris go hand-in-hand, and we at Protea Safari Tours provide the perfect locations in Southern Africa for you to toast these sunsets.

The landscapes and wildlife alone are enough to turn you starry-eyed. It’s hard to beat the romance of Africa’s Wildlife.

We offer a variety of leisurely self-driving safaris: from self-catering, self-camping tours to fully catered trips. Our tour fees include all your camping, accommodation and park fees, as well as listed activities.

Our safari experiences are ideal for nature lovers, photographers or those who simply enjoy spending time in the unspoilt African wilderness. Rest assured that our 4x4 tours are not obstacle courses or endurance tests – we use responsible driving techniques, minimising our impact on the environment. Our tour guide has 21 years’ experience in 4x4 training, ensuring that even novice 4x4 drivers and their vehicles are in safe hands.

Namib Desert Safari, Southern Namibia

(11th April to the 3rd May 2021) off-road camping tour.

  • Need a reason to visit Namibia? We have many reasons right here, just read on from a lost Castle and a Ghost Town right up to the elusive desert Elephants and the White Lady of the Brandberg…
  • Namibia is a place to experience, not merely observe. Experience African sunsets and sunrises in one of the most scarcely populated countries on the continent, the sounds of silence touch the stars in the oldest desert of the world.
  • Namibia is a land of extremes with wide horizons, contrasting landscapes. It is a country that has so much to offer explorers. Known around the world for its majestic landscapes, amazing crystals and gems are what intrigue most people about this unspoilt desert country.
  • Enjoying the beauty of Namibia along its gravel roads as the variation in landscape is quite extraordinary.
  • Some of the absolute best attractions in Namibia will be visited, Hobas, Fish River Canyon, Kolmanskop Ghost Town, Duwisib Castle, Sossusvlei, Solitaire, Brandberg White Lady, Spitzkoppe, D707 etc.
  • A 23-day off-road camping tour of an unhurried safari lifestyle @ R24 150 per person.
  • Suitable for Off-Road caravans, trailers, and ground tents.
  • This tour accommodates only 10 people, still space for 2 people.
  • All 4x4, 4x2 and AWD vehicles can undertake this tour.

Contact Jannie for more details : or 083 268 0566

Route Sani Pass, Lesotho

9-12 July 2021 - Fully Catered Tour

  • This trip is a must-do for all 4x4 and Nature Enthusiasts alike – it is a brilliant long weekend away and is guaranteed to leave you with plenty of memories to share with your friends & family. This not intended to be a challenge at all, it is a weekend filled with memories, travelling through the magnificent Drakensberg mountain range.

    Itinerary for the safari:

    Day 1 (Friday 9 July 2021)
    The group will meet at 17h30 at the Lounge of the Sani Pass Hotel, Himeville, KZN for evening drinks before enjoying a buffet dinner at the Hotel. This serves to meet your fellow travellers for the weekend.

    Day 2 (Saturday 10 July’21)
    After an early breakfast at the Sani Pass Hotel, it is time to tackle the famous 14km Sani Pass into The Mountain Kingdom. You will need a valid passport and your vehicles papers. Scaling the pass is not a race to the top but a leisurely cruise to take in the breath-taking scenery of the rolling mountains of this World Heritage Site. With several stops to enjoy the views, mountain flowers, frozen waterfalls, and birdlife to the top of Sani Pass, a stop at the Sani Mountain Lodge, the claimed highest pub in Africa to celebrate your victory. A light lunch here is part of the tour.
    It is time to venture deeper into Lesotho to Black Mountain Pass (3 248m). Standing on top of the Drakensberg will blow your breath away, the views just never stop! Bring your camp chair, cooler box and soak-up the beauty of these blue open skies.
    Later the afternoon we will take a slow drive down the pass to the Sani Pass Hotel. Our buffet dinner will be ready from 19h00.

    Day 3 (Sunday 11 July’21)

    After a late breakfast it’s time to explore the Midlands...

Contact Jannie for more details : or 083 268 0566

Namaqualand Flower Safari, Northern Cape

10-18 Sept 2021 - Fully Catered Tour**

  • The land of the Nama is nature’s playground, a kingdom of contrasts where beauty, rigorous adventure, and wide-open spaces pool mysterious forces to create a natural / historical wonderland for those privileged few to witness.

    We all know that the last few flower seasons was not that great, but Namaqualand had excellent rains during July 2020 and that normally predicts a good flower season for the next year.

    Do you really want to miss out on the greatest natural flower show in the world?

    Itinerary for the safari:

    Day 1    (Friday, 10 September 2021)
    We will meet at Lake Grappa, Kakamas (dinner/bed & breakfast) just before the Augrabies Waterfalls. Arrive early and visit the falls. It is time to meet your fellow flower companions.

    Day 2    (Saturday, 11 September 2021)
    After a warm breakfast and a good night’s rest, we head to the largest date farm in the Southern Hemisphere – Klein Pella Guest Farm (dinner, bed & breakfast) Along the road we will visit places like the Pienk Padstal, De Mas Cellar, Pofadder and plenty more.

    Day 3,4,5   (Sunday the 12th September 2021)
    After breakfast, it is time to explore the 18 000ha date farms on the banks of the Orange River. A 4x4 trail along the Orange River will take us to the legendary Pella Mission station. Daisy Country Lodge (dinner, bed & breakfast), outside Springbok in the Namaqualand will be our base for the next three nights. From here we will start exploring all the different flowering areas along spectacular gravel roads in the northern part of this flower phenomenon region.

    Relax the evenings at the Lodge and share your day’s experiences. We will be visiting the Goegap Reserve, Skilpad Wildflower Reserve, Nababeep, Concordia, Okiep and the unique orbicular rock formation which is one of only a handful in the world. Visits to the surrounding ...

Contact Jannie for more details : or 083 268 0566

Reflections of Nature Safari, Chobe, Botswana

1-14 October 2021 - Camping Tour**

  • The dry season is when the pans are in their most iconic state. Sun-scorched, shimmering salt stretches as far as the eye can see. Animals come to graze, birds flock, and of course, the zebra migration, the second largest and longest migration of mammals in the world. This area was once the largest expanse of fresh water on the planet. Today, it is a vast, salt-pan desert of shimmering sand and surreal landscapes so vast you can see the curvature of the earth. It is a harsh and sparse landscape, but one that is beautiful in its desolation. Here, perhaps more than anywhere else in the world, you will be struck by a feeling of utter, marvelous, isolation.
    Unfathomably immense, untouched, and timeless, Botswana is a land of wild and raw beauty, of unforgiving terrain, of extremes and superlatives in every respect! You will be blown away by the beauty of this area.
    This Reflections of Nature Safari to Botswana and the Victoria Waterfall is rich in bird, animal life, landscapes, memories and, not least, for its exquisite sunsets and wildlife experiences of note!

    Whatever you do, do not to let this one pass you…

     Itinerary for the safari:

    Day 1    (1 October 2021)
    We will meet just inside Botswana at Martinsdrift, our first together under the African skies at Kwa-Nokeng Lodge for dinner, bed & breakfast. It is time to meet with your fellow safari companions.

    Day 2 & 3   (2, 3 October 2021)
    We are off to the Elephant Heaven of Botswana – for our next two nights camping. A stargazer’s festival as the light pollutions is so limited here. Watch elephants strolling down to the waterhole from the comfort of your camping chair. Experience elephants like never before!  No electricity available. Day two will be a relaxed day with a drive out to the largest “Hardekool boom”.

Contact Jannie for more details : or 083 268 0566

Mahem, Wakkerstroom Weekend

5-8 November - Fully Catered Weekend**

  • Known for its spectacular landscapes, birdlife and 13 species that is endemic to this area.
  • The largest wetland in South Africa and a top spot for birding fanatics, includes a bird guide for the day.
  • Boosting the grassland biome specials, it is a photographer’s dream location.
  • Stay in the Wakkerstroom Hotel on a dinner/bed & breakfast basis.
  • Enjoy a 4x4 trail high-up in the surrounding mountains, a sundowner under the full moon amongst Iron Age ruins overlooking the world!
  • 4-days/3 nights weekend at R5 950 per person sharing.
  • We can only accommodate 10 people in the Wakkerstroom Country Inn Hotel.
  • Suitable for all 4x4 and AWD vehicles.

Contact Jannie for more details : or 083 268 0566

Comment from a recent client:

Thank you again Jannie it was such an amazing experience! It's impossible to capture it in a pic! Highly, highly recommended! The flowers were phenomenal but there was so much more! The Quiver tree forest, the prison ruins, the spirit of dirt road driving, the group we travelled with. The pannekoeke stalletjie langs die stof pad! The towns we stopped in. ......... I could carry on. Cilito Brookstein

Jannie Rykaart (4x4 Trails and Overland Guide GP 5097) :

There can be no better place to be with your 4x4, than to be on a safari tour with us to enjoy a banquet of wildlife and nature experiences.
Your host for all these safaris will be Jannie Rykaart