Protea 4x4 off-road safari tours

It’s hard to slow down and break away - be captivated by the majestic and contrasting beauty of the great African outdoors to which we will introduce you! Become an intrepid explorer with our safari tours (expeditions), we will take you to places where time stands still and your spirit is inspired to soar to greater heights.

There can be no better place to be with your 4x4, than to be on a safari tour with us ...

Southern Africa is home to some of the last true wilderness areas on the planet. This part of the continent offers some of the most spectacular destinations for our clients. Sundowners and safaris go hand-in-hand, and we at Protea Safari Tours provide the perfect locations in Southern Africa for you to toast these sunsets.

The landscapes and wildlife alone are enough to turn you starry-eyed. It’s hard to beat the romance of Africa’s Wildlife.

We offer a variety of leisurely self-driving safaris: from self-catering, self-camping tours to fully catered trips. Our tour fees include all your camping, accommodation and park fees, as well as listed activities.

Our safari experiences are ideal for nature lovers, photographers or those who simply enjoy spending time in the unspoilt African wilderness. Rest assured that our 4x4 tours are not obstacle courses or endurance tests – we use responsible driving techniques, minimising our impact on the environment. Our tour guide has 21 years’ experience in 4x4 training, ensuring that even novice 4x4 drivers and their vehicles are in safe hands.

Route Sani Pass, Lesotho Winter Trip     
14-17 June 2019

Based in the Drakensberg Mountains, The Sani Pass is a steep, zigzagging pass that climbs to an altitude of just under 3 000m and offers official access to the “Roof of Africa”.  It is here that you’ll find what people travel all over the world to see – the most incredible panoramic views of the Drakensberg Mountain range, with the Lesotho Mountain range in the background.

Getting there is not for the faint-hearted that said with your off-roader and our experienced instructors you will have no problems...just follow the instructions and you’ll be fine.  We’ll be pushing our cars to a reasonable limit, whilst at the same time observing caution for safety.

Day 1 (14 June 2018)
The group will meet at 19h00 at the Sun Lounge of the Sani Pass Hotel for evening drinks to get to know your Route Sani companions better.  The group will have dinner at the Sani Pass Hotel.

Day 2 (15 June 2019)
After an early-morning breakfast at the Sani Pass Hotel, it’s time to tackle the famous 14km Sani Pass. You will need a valid passport. Scaling the pass is not a race to the top but a leisurely cruise to take in the breathtaking scenery of the rolling green hills of Lesotho and this World Heritage Site...

Space is limited to only 14 people, book early to avoid disappointment.**

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The Majestic (Moremi & Boteti) Safari, Botswana    
13-22 July 2019

Our aim is to create the original safari (expedition) atmosphere of an unhurried life-changing journey to this pristine wilderness area. The convoy will make regular stops for environmental, historical and cultural interpretation or to share special experiences with countless photographic opportunities. The Okavango Delta is the 1 000th World Heritage site, recognised as one of the world’s great places. The area sustains a population of several globally threatened mammals and birds. It also hosts the largest population of Elephant in the world.
A world of wonder and natural beauty awaits you on the Moremi safari.


Day 1   (13 July 2019)
We will meet at Khama Rhino Sanctuary inside Botswana. It’s time to ensure that all your camping gear is ready for the rest of the safari.

Day 2/3   (14, 15 July 2019)
After an early breakfast, we travel north to Maun for a two night stay in Maun at Island Safari Lodge. A sundowner boat cruise into the Delta will be on the cards. It’s time to get organized and to stock up for our next part of the adventure. Enjoy a scenic flight over the Okavango Delta, giving you a better understanding of this complex eco-system. From here we head into the Okavango Delta for a 5 day camping experience.

To whet your appetite for this Safari, follow the links below:

Okavango Delta
Moremi National Park

Space is limited to only 16 people.
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Reflections of Nature, Chobe & Khumaga, Botswana   
15-24 August 2019

  • Due to the low population density of this area, there is very little light pollution and the skies here are the cleanest in Africa.
  • Sleeping under the skies is an unparalleled way to experience the beauty of the Chobe National Park and the Makgadikgadi Pans.
  • Visit Elephant Sands, Chobe Game Reserve, Victoria Waterfalls, Baines Baobabs, Planet Baobab and the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park in Botswana.
  • The vast Makgadikgadi salt pans form the backdrop of the second largest migration of zebra in Africa.
  • Unfathomably immense, untouched and timeless, the Delta and the Pans is a land of wild and raw beauty, of unforgiving terrain of extremes and superlatives, in every respect!
  • Tour includes two boat cruises on the Chobe River, a sunset cruise and the other a dinner cruise on the Chobe River, an area known for its abundance of wildlife.   
  • A 10-day, 9-nights self-drive, self-catering, camping safari, park fees and accommodation is included.

Space is limited to only 14 people
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"Liewe Ansu en Jannie,
Eerstens weer, dankie vir die fantastiese ondervinding wat hierdie vakansie vir ons was.
Dit, en saam met almal , was dit totentaal awesome.
Julle is die beste gidse wat enige iemand kan he. Julle is totentaal fab !!!!
Liefde groete",

Dalene en Ethene,


Mahen Birdwatching weekend, Wakkerstroom   
25-28 October 2019

  • This tour can only accommodate 16 people.

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Leatherback(egg laying)Sea Turtle Safari     
11-15 December 2019

  • Part one of one of the greatest SECRET ESCAPES that awaits you in South Africa.
  • The right overnight accommodation - dinner/bed & breakfast – will ensure you’re well-rested and inspired to tackle the on-going adventures on the trip.
  • Snorkel at Kosi Bay Mouth, visit 700-year-old Tshonga fish kraals, experience the unique annual event of loggerhead & leatherback sea turtles laying their eggs on this golden beach of Maputaland.
  • Get the opportunity to spear your own fish in a fish kraal with a traditional spear.
  • A 5-day, 4-nights fully catered tour (dinner, bed and breakfast).
  • Boat cruise on the 3 Lakes Eco-system, Fish Kraal visit and plenty snorkelling - no experience needed  

Day 1 (11 December 2019)
The group will meet at 17h00 at the Kozi Bay Lodge. Were we will be staying for the duration of the weekend on a dinner/bed & breakfast basis. Enjoy evening drinks and get to know our safari companions better.  The group will have dinner at the Lodge.

Day 2 (12 December 2019)
After a long day driving from Gauteng you can relax the morning. After lunch/dinner it’s time to tackle the sandy tracks to witness one of the oldest rituals on the planet. Most of the afternoon/evening will be spend searching/watching for sea turtles laying eggs or hatchling, dashing to the ocean in a race against predators and survival. Enjoy dinner at the Lodge.

Day 3 (13 December 2019)
Enjoy an early breakfast at the Lodge. It’s time for Kosi Bay Estuary.  Go for a walk along the golden beach or snorkel in the Estuary of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park a World Heritage site. The selection of fish is mind blowing on this reef. The best is that you need not to be diver, no experience needed just a snorkelling mask will do. Enjoy dinner at the Lodge.

To whet your appetite for this 4x4 Safari, follow the links below:

Kosi Bay Mouth
Kosi Bay Fish Kraals
Leatherback Turtle

Space is limited: we can only accommodate 20 people, book now to avoid disappointment.

This safari is suitable for soft-roaders***.

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Comment from a recent client:

Thank you again Jannie it was such an amazing experience! It's impossible to capture it in a pic! Highly, highly recommended! The flowers were phenomenal but there was so much more! The Quiver tree forest, the prison ruins, the spirit of dirt road driving, the group we travelled with. The pannekoeke stalletjie langs die stof pad! The towns we stopped in. ......... I could carry on. Cilito Brookstein

Jannie Rykaart (4x4 Trails and Overland Guide GP 5097) :

There can be no better place to be with your 4x4, than to be on a safari tour with us to enjoy a banquet of wildlife and nature experiences.
Your host for all these safaris will be Jannie Rykaart